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SupremeHealth Plan B Plus

SupremeHealth Plan B Plus







Inpatient and Day Surgery
[Daily ward and treatment charges] As Charged
[ICU] As Charged
[Surgery] As Charged
[Surgical implants and approved medical consumables] As Charged
[Gamma Knife] As Charged
Outpatient Treatment
[Kidney dialysis] 50,000/yr
[Radiotherapy] 50,000/yr
[Chemotherapy] with Radiotherapy
[Immunotherapy] with Radiotherapy
[Stereotactic Radiotherapy] with Radiotherapy
[Immunosuppressants for organ transplant] 50,000/yr
[Erythropoietin] 50,000/yr
Additional Benefits Limits
[Critical Illnesses] 50,000/yr (for Major Cancer Treatment, Coronary Artery Bypass, Heart Valve Disease, Neurosurgery and Major Organ Transplant)
[Major Organ Transplant] within Critical Illnesses
[Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment] 2,000/yr
[Pregnancy Complications Benefit] As Charged
[Congenital Abnormalities Benefit] As Charged
[Confinement in Community Hospital ] $275/day
Policy Features
[Proration factors] Class A - 80%|Private, Hospitals - 50%
[Proration factors for Private Outpatient Clinics (Cancer Dia] 50%
[Deductibles] Class C -1,000|Class B2 -1,500|Class B1 -2,000|Class A and private|hospital - 3,000|Day Surgery - 2,000
[Co-insurance] 10%
[Policy Year Limit] 150,000
[Lifetime Limit] 1,000,000
[Final Expense Benefit] 3,600
[Last Entry Age] 75
[Maximum Coverage Age] Lifetime
[1 to 30] 81-92
[31 to 40] 110
[41 to 50] 213
[51 to 60] 398
[61 to 65] 585
[66 to 70] 803
[71 to 73] 1,200
[74 to 75] 1,409
[76 to 78] 1,974
[79 to 80] 1,972
[81 to 83] 2,355
[84 to 85] 2,717
[>86] 3,927

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